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Hey folks, I'm a girl from Berlin. My birthday is the 27th November 1989. I'm drawing for about 10 years now, but I had a long long time where I was pretty uncreative, so I restared in 2012.
My heart belongs to music and videogames and (of course) I love Anime&Manga. My musictaste is widely spread, but my only true love is rockmusic and my favorite bands are Gazette & Mucc. I love to listen to soundtracks, especially the Ghibli & The Legend of Zelda ones. There you have my favorite videogame, too. Followed by Professor Layton.
My favorite Manga are One Piece & Naruto, nearly everything by Clamp, Kuroshitsuji & Ao no Exorcist. They're my inspiration, too.

So thanks for having a look on my site, want to finde me somewhere else? Go ahead!

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